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Success Stories From Dental Practices & DSOs


No matter the size and scope of your dental practice, we deliver performance that’s personalized.


First we listen. Not just to listen, but to understand what matters to you. Then, using innovative technologies, software, and services, we tailor our tools to your practice’s needs. This creates meaningful marketing offerings that drive measurable results.

Multi-Location / DSOs

How do you avoid competing with yourself? That’s a question facing many multi-location practices and DSOs in overlapping markets. The answer involves both cooperation and coordination.

That’s where our trusted partnership comes in. We can help each of your practices acquire new patients while also elevating your efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Before working with Amplify360 we were doing just under a million. And with Amplify360s help, we now have three offices, and this year, we're hoping to get over 4 million. We definitely couldn't have done that without their help. The return on investment has been really significant. Amplify360 is more of an all-inclusive company with various options tailored to you, and they all work together. Working with the company that does everything in-house gets you a much better result, and you get a much greater patient response.

Dr. Michael Kirchner, Multiple Practice Owner, Jeffersonville, Indiana


Private Practice Dentists

Unique challenges and unique opportunities. That’s what most private practice dentists face.

Yes, you can attract all the new patients you want without worrying about competing with yourself. But at the same time, so can your private practice competitors.

To achieve the growth you want, you can't follow the strategies of others and expect results. You need an approach that’s specifically tailored to you and your market. And that’s what Amplify360 provides.

Amplify360 is unique in that it focuses solely on the dental industry. They know our business inside and out, and that has significantly helped my practice. They are very involved in the process and never leave your side—even when profits skyrocket and goals are met. I am blessed and grateful for what we have accomplished with this marketing partner, and I am confident I will see my practice grow for the foreseeable future.

Dr. Cathy Taylor, Private Practice Owner, Gainesville, FL


I enjoy implants. I'm looking for more dental implant cases, and also my interest in sleep apnea. We're exploring implants and sleep apnea through different methods in marketing with Amplify360, and it is working out exactly as I had hoped, and even better. I have every confidence in Amplify360. They do exactly what they say they are going to do. Amplify360 is an investment that is well worth it. I'm a very happy subscriber.

Dr. Todd Resek, Private Practice Owner, Oakmont, Pennsylvania


I'm very happy with Amplify360. It actually puts my marketing on autopilot, and that makes it a lot easier for me. It's something I don't have to worry about because I'm the owner of the practice here, so I'm managing a bunch of people. And if I take something off my plate like that – that I know is quality, it's going to work, that I'm proud of, I'm proud of my website, I'm proud of my marketing – it makes a big difference for me, and I can put that to the side and do other things I got to do.

Dr. Kevin McMahon, Private Practice Owner, Edgewood, Kentucky


I think at the beginning we talked about doubling and we'd be happy, and now we're sitting at three or four times that amount of new patients. I think that the numbers are just going to keep going up. Amplify360 will generate the calls for you. You just have to get them answered and get the patients in.

Dr. Anish Patel, Private Practice Owner, Panama City, Florida