Doubled His Scheduled New Patient Opportunities In His 1st Month!

He had no idea what was possible for his practice. "We always compare the current month that we're in to that month last year," he said. "So, we received 33 patient phone calls that month last year, and we were happy about it. And in the first full month of Amplify360, we received 67 new patient calls – patients that are scheduled. So, they're on our books." And not only is he getting more new patients, he's also getting more of the patients he wants.

Here's what happened:

That's a 100% increase in SCHEDULED New Patient Opportunities!

Before Amplify360
30 NPOs
67 - NPOs
I enjoy implants. I'm looking for more dental implant cases, and also my interest in sleep apnea. We're exploring implants and sleep apnea through different methods in marketing with Amplify360, and it is working out exactly as I had hoped, and even better. I have every confidence in Amplify360. They do exactly what they say they are going to do. Amplify360 is an investment that is well worth it. I'm a very happy subscriber.

-Dr. Todd Resek, Oakmont, Pennsylvania