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A Proven System To Amplify Growth

Know. Go. Grow.

We’re a partner in your performance. Our customized solutions will enable you to transform how you think about business. We’ll help you elevate your strengths and propel your growth by building your platform with purpose and without compromise.

Whether you’re new or established, big or small, measurable and meaningful growth strategies are critical to your success. Amplify360 will help market your practice as a premier entity, and ultimately amplify more growth than even our name implies.

Customize your growth plan with the following:

Hover to learn how we use these tactics to build a custom plan that's unique to your practice. 

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100% Unique Content

Your Practice Is Unique, and Everyone Should Know It

We work hard to make sure your content is as unique as your organization. Delight and engage your audience with exclusive stories that make you stand out from the crowd.

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Reputation Management

Build Your Reputation

Before your ideal patient makes an appointment, they will likely look for reviews of your practice. Our team helps drive current patients to write positive reviews, building your reputation in your community.

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Local SEO

Be Easier to Find

Most people hop online first to scope out someone they’re considering doing business with. Be easy to find, put your best online “foot” forward, and show why you’re the best choice in your region.

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Call Tracking

Track. Manage. Repeat.

Keep tabs on calls coming into your business and know how your team handles them. With our system, you will never miss an opportunity to attract and keep high-value cases.

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Membership Club

Increase Your Revenue

Create your membership club for your practice needs. We’ll take care of the details — from setting up your club to collecting payments. You will have 24/7 access to view at-a-glance statistics, set goals, and see your practice's real-time growth.

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Fully Responsive + Secure Site

You Deserve Peace of Mind

We take data security very seriously by implementing the latest technical and organizational measures and safeguards that ensure superior protection of your assets.

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In Office + Online Staff Training

Growth Is Easy With a Strong Team

A well-trained team leads to more profit. With our on-site and online training services, your team will be empowered to make better decisions, on their own, using the best tools.

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Paid Search

Optimize Your Ad Placement

Entice web browsers to your site with the best-placed ads using the best keywords. Yes, it’ll cost you a trivial amount, but the visit will be worth more than what you pay for the click.

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Organic & Paid Social Media


We handle all your social media needs, so you don’t have to. It takes dedication to keep up with social campaigns, but we’ve mastered it so you can focus on more important things — like growing.

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Performance Dashboard

Always Be In-Tune

If you can't clearly see what's going on at the top level all the way down to individual businesses, you could be standing in the way of growth. Our dashboards generate real-time, robust performance metrics with the flip of a switch...or press of a button.

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Video Shoot

Let's Get You On Camera

Our in-house video team will come out to your practice so patients can get an inside look at your unique dental practice.

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Organic SEO

Target Your Web Strategy

We can boost your ranking on search engine results pages by optimizing your website and its content using specific keywords.

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Direct Mail

Expand Your Reach With Targeted Mailings

Direct Mail lands right in the homes of thousands of potential patients. Its tangibility yields greater response rates, trust building, versatility, cost-effectiveness, and more.

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Get by With a Little Help

Keep visitors on your site and engage them with chat options. Frequently asked questions can be answered immediately, and navigational assistance can make the site visit a delight.

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Going Out Of Network Guide

Going Out-Of-Network is Easier Than Ever

You work hard, so it's time to increase your profitability and take home more money. To help make the process as smooth as possible, we'll provide you with step-by-step instructions, timelines, guidance, and personalized communications for your patients.

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A-Player Hiring Guide

Let's Find Your A-Players

Our A-Team Player Hiring Guide was developed with our practices in mind — those who need more team members but are unsure how to go about it. Our proven three-step system will get you the right team members in just a few short weeks.

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Fee Schedule Growth

Review and Grow

Do you know what your competitors are charging? We can show you and develop a plan to maximize your practice's profitability.

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Additional Marketing Channels

We Do It All

We place ads on streaming platforms and apps, before a featured video on a mobile device or desktop, and on billboards and posters. We make sure your marketing efforts are front and center, wherever your ideal patient is.

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Practice Assessment Tool

More Than Just Numbers

Our proprietary system was built with dentists for dental practices. Let's examine your financial operations relative to your peers and set up a system to move away from PPOs.

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Branding Assessment

Does Your Brand Need a Refresh?

Our assessment is a thorough evaluation of your brand's identity and performance. We can help you make sure your brand is reaching the right patients.

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Case Acceptance and Funding

Big Cases. Big Profits.

We know how to attract higher-value patients who are looking for restorative procedures such as implants, sedation dentistry, and fixed dentures. These patients are more cash-based, providing a combined benefit to overall revenue and collection amounts.