PPO Freedom and Year-Over-Year Growth!

Dr. Cathy Taylor wanted to brand her practice, break free from PPOs, and work fewer days while still growing her practice. Teaming up with Amplify360 has allowed her to achieve her goals and exceed each of them. She will be the first to tell you, "Run, don't walk to partner with Amplify360!"

Here's What Happened

Went From 82% PPOs to PPO-free in less than 4 years, nearly doubling collections!

Dr. Taylor_Headshot
"Invest in Yourself, and the Results Will Follow.
Leveling up your practice is not something that happens overnight. It takes strategic planning and calculated steps. Amplify360 equipped my practice with the proper training, proven marketing systems, and a detailed blueprint for how we were going to become a fee- for-service practice once and for all, all while increasing profits."
Dr. Cathy Taylor, Taylor Dentistry, Gainesville, FL