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The patient was snuggled in his dental chair, with hopes that insurance would cover what he could not spare. He’d shopped around, looking for a deal, but could no longer stand the pain and needed a seal. 

The dentist’s work was lively and quick, even though inflation had tripled the price of his new pick. Hunched over the patient, he worked with great skill, while the client complained he could have just taken a pill.

“My work here is done,” said the dentist with pride. “Ho hum,” grumbled the patient, swishing a cup of fluoride. “Will I have to come back for more work?” he asked as his eyes rolled. “Well,” said the dentist, “You do have a number of cavities that need attention. If I may be so bold…”

Still plan to endure the dental grind in 2024?

While our story above is a light-hearted, rhyming tale of a dentist and his patient, it's an all-too real scenario for a lot of doctors. Take Dr. Tom Peterson for instance. He worked his tail off for over two decades dealing with the very same patients who didn’t see the value of his work, waited until the pain was unbearable, and were insurance-reliant for most treatments. 

He knew he couldn’t sustain the grind for the rest of his career, so he discovered a way to tap into his unrealized production potential — and now every day feels like Christmas when he’s practicing dentistry. You see, Dr. Peterson has systems in place that help him beat the ever-rising costs due to inflation. And his practice marketing approach is always cutting edge, so when patient flow is down, he can quickly pivot and attract the right patients at the right time.   

Are you ready to head into the New Year with excitement and the confidence that 2024 will be the year you stake claim on your own wealth and free time? If you’re already experiencing a drop in patient flow, holidays aside, now is not the time to wait and see what will happen. Having the right systems in place to track your numbers, manage and market your practice is the key to being one of the wealthiest dentists in the world. And yes, they do exist. Grab Dr. Peterson’s story here while it’s still available and start realizing your dream.  



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