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Does the thought of having to search for, interview, and hire a different consultant or adopt a new software to market your dental practice make you distressed? Would your team resist having to learn new processes all over again — it meant you’d have insights into every aspect of your practice in one, central location?

Sometimes leaving partners you’re comfortable with, but no longer serve you, is worth the initial effort of breaking free. Change is the only constant in life, and measures to make your practice the best it can be demands our willingness to participate in that change.   

Teaming Up With The Right Partner Makes All The Difference 

We’d like to share the story of Amplify360’s Dr. Jordan Blankenship-Sniker from Market Place Dentistry in Roswell, Georgia. Her experience with marketing her practice is an exemplary example of investments that pay-off. 

Dr. Blankenship-Sniker’s journey into dentistry seemed quite natural. Simply put, it’s in her blood. Her mom was a dental hygienist, and her dad is still practicing dentistry. It was an easy fit, then, for Dr. Blankenship-Sniker to become a dentist herself. Her biggest driver still going strong today is the personal aspect of the profession, and the ability to see patients often and make immediate impacts. 

After graduating dental school, she joined her father’s practice. They had no web presence and patient growth grew by word-of-mouth alone. Dr. Blankenship-Sniker knew that to increase revenue and attract new patients to support her as a new addition to the office, they’d need to shift gears and make some changes. This is when she and her father discovered Amplify360 and saw its appeal as an all-in-one marketing solution. 

Attracted to how personalized Amplify360 was, and how her partnership with them forced her to think about future revenue and business goals of the practice, made Amplify360 a great fit.

“I’m glad I’m a good dentist, because the business side of owning a practice takes so much of my brain power. After days of working on patients, the last thing I want to deal with is the business side. ” 

The team at Amplify360 got to work creating video testimonials, introducing a new logo, building a custom website, and administering patient photo shoots — all strategically done to attract the patients she wanted to work with. Added bonus? The dental staff was thrilled to see the investment in the business taking place, and patient traffic increased. 

Embarking On a New Journey Leads to New Insights

Seeing success at her father’s practice, Dr. Blankenship-Sniker decided it was time to open her own practice in 2021. Concerned about finances as a new practice owner, she hired a different marketing company to save costs. She soon regretted the decision, and it became apparent that her new partner lacked experience in dental industry marketing. And it was hurting her bottom line. 

Dr. Blankenship-Sniker also missed the monthly check-ins with Amplify360 and the vast knowledge of running a successful dental practice that came with this partnership. She always knew what was working and what wasn’t with her marketing dollars, and with Amplify360’s guidance, she quickly pivoted to nurture efforts that gave her the most return on investment (ROI).                  

After returning to Amplify360, her new patient flow jumped by 80%, and in just the first four months, monthly production saw a 43% increase! Now, she has more time to spend with her kids and family, she doesn’t worry about her numbers and goals because Amplify360 handles it all, she can focus on her patients, and she’s playing more tennis after work. 

“Amplify360 does what they say they are going to do. And of course, the work-life balance helps a lot, too!”  

Our focus on patients, practice, and people, combined with the ability to quickly adjust where your marketing dollars are spent, helps your practice stay agile in any economy. If you’d like to learn more about the strategies Dr. Blankenship-Sniker employed at her practice, then consider scheduling a Practice Discovery Call. This no-commitment call helps both you and our team determine whether your goals are a good fit for our expertise. ice you deserve.


Written by Amplify360

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