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How do you promote your dental business? Direct mail? Ads? Email campaigns? All are great methods to attract more patients, and referrals are still effective, even in our technology-saturated world. Deciding where to start or continue to promote can stop you in your tracks, however, if you’re not sure what’s out there or what gives you the biggest return on your investment. 

We got a sneak peek at what Amplify360’s call analysts, led by Supervisor Sara Shea-Lewis, uncovered while implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their daily processes. In addition to studying 70,000 incoming office calls to determine the effects of missed ones, Sara’s team uncovered the top lead sources bringing patients to our clients’ practices: 


It’s no surprise that Google gobbles up 75% of the top sources. Afterall, it’s a workhorse for businesses wanting to attract more clients. And dental patients are no different. Google’s dominance in online search, and its suite of tools designed to help businesses improve their online visibility and reach, make it an unstoppable force that should be part of your marketing strategy.     

The best part is that their various platforms allow you to focus on specific clientele more apt to convert to your unique oral health services. There’s no guessing if your latest ad spend is wasteful or ineffective. And you won’t get bogged down by cases that don’t interest you and won’t contribute to the growth of your practice. 

Amplify360 leverages Google to enhance our clients’ online presence, attract the cases they want to work with, and grow their businesses without demanding they work countless hours. 

If you’ve given Google a go, but you’re not seeing the results you expected or the return on your investment, then consider giving us a try. We offer all interested doctors a complimentary Practice Discovery Call to determine if you’re a fit for our proven marketing strategies. Wherever you are in your practice career, we can help you jump to the next step with less stress, less worry, and less money wasted.


Written by Amplify360

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