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When a school of fish detect a change or threat in their environment, they do what comes naturally– move. Seeking out an ideal atmosphere keeps them healthy, happy (Can fish be happy?), and alive. 

The same instinct applies to professionals when it comes to their work environment. When experiencing toxicity in their surroundings, employees’ self-preservation alarms go off, and they may seek a healthier place to continue their career.

DentalPost’s 2023 Salary Survey Report proved this very phenomenon, revealing that over 30% of those in the dental profession were considering a career change this year. A fairly large group of dental professionals looking to make a change is something you can take advantage of if you know it’s happening. 

That leads us to the purpose of this post. If you’re worried your practice is a breeding ground for negativity, there are ways to right the ship so you don’t lose your top talent and your patients. They pick up on the tension, too, and ignoring the problem will result in lost production, lost patients, thousands of lost dollars, and angry staff. 

So what can you do to help your team? Here are five simple steps you can take today: 

  1. Don’t ignore the issue. 

    Doing so will make it far worse as tension bubbles over and, in time, explodes. Addressing tension shows your team you’re invested in their careers and expect more of them as professionals.  
  2. Do step in immediately and often.

    Until your team is back on track, addressing issues as they surface helps resolve conflicts before further damage to team morale and revenue occurs.
  3. Provide a code of conduct and communicate it often.

    If your team isn’t clear on office conduct, conflict is sure to arise. Keeping your code of conduct visible and communicating it in team meetings and/or email will help keep everyone on the same page and help your team work through issues on their own.
  4. Consider training.

    You’re a dentist, not an HR expert. And playing referee to your team takes away from your focus on patients. Investing in proper training for your team shows them that you value their work. It also empowers them to resolve their own issues as they arise without dragging you into the mix.   
  5. Upgrade your team.

    Sometimes no matter how you handle conflict, people just aren’t going to get along. And you shouldn’t have to put up with it. Since there’s a large chunk of talent looking elsewhere, it might be a good time to start advertising for top talent. 

Make no mistake, putting your go-to job description on the usual job boards isn’t going to lure top talent to your practice. Following the simple plan to attract top talent from our report, Staffing Up Made Simple, can. 

Grab your copy and start creating an environment that top talent wants to work and stay in.  


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Like this topic? Then check out \"Strengthening the Dental Team: Building Trust in the Dental Office\"<\/a> from our sister company, DentalPost.<\/p><\/span>" }