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Besides snowflakes and festive gatherings, there is a glimpse of growth in the air that may help give dentists a great start to a new year — if you’re properly prepared. We searched high and low to bring you three top trends that should have you well-positioned to help your patients in the coming months. Staying on top of these will show your patients that you’re cutting edge and can offer them the best dental care possible.

3 trends that will make it to the New Year and beyond

1. 3D Printing

Printing technology is capable of some amazing creations. From coffee cups to fully functional acoustic guitars, these machines are also making a splash in dentistry. Offering more efficient and personalized solutions, dental professionals can create dental prosthetics, crowns, and other customized devices. Because of this, we don’t see 3D printing going away anytime soon, so if you haven't worked with them before, now might be a good time.

2. Digital Impressions and Scanning

Here’s a win for your patients who tend to be nervous about dental visits. Traditional molds for dental impressions are being replaced by digital scanning technologies. This not only improves accuracy, but it also enhances the patient experience by reducing discomfort associated with traditional impressions. You can be assured that the impressions are spot on, and your patients will be leaving happy with their comfort intact.    

3. Holistic Dentistry is Gaining Ground 

A lot of folks are seeking a more holistic approach to life, and dentistry is no exception. Many patients want to better understand the connection between oral health and overall well-being. This could include a focus on nutrition, stress management, and lifestyle factors that can impact oral health. You can prepare by researching the topic and creating something as simple as a pamphlet or poster in your office that details the connections. Go a step further for your patients and build your professional networking pool by considering a referral program to nutritionists, sleep specialists, or other holistic health service providers.     

While these are just a handful of trends heading into 2024, they do provide a glimpse into what to expect, how to prepare, and what to look out for to ensure your dental practice continues to be at the forefront of dental advancements. Each trend is showing promise and growth in the dental industry, so investing time and energy into how you might use them at your practice will not be wasted. 


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