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Workplace culture isn't a passing fad, and if you want to cultivate one that yields happy, productive, and all-star level employees, then you'll want to consider giving your office manager a blueprint for doing just that.  

In celebration of Office Manager Appreciation Month, we share 3 of your office manager's biggest needs and the best "gifts" you can give to help set everyone up for success.

It takes time to build a practice environment that attracts and maintains top talent. Your office manager can help set the tone for such a space, but having you in their corner and offering assistance in various areas can make a big impact. Below are three tips our doctors have shared that have resulted in happy managers and happy teams.   

  1. Hiring the Right People: Be actively involved in the hiring process, especially for key positions, by working with your office manager to develop job descriptions, interview candidates, and make final hiring decisions. Being in-tune with the process, and promoting a good culture-fit, will help make the hiring process a positive experience for your OM.  

  2. Training + Development: Invest in ongoing training and development for the entire team. This could include clinical skills training as well as soft skills like communication and patient care. You can also encourage team members to pursue relevant certifications or continuing education. This gives everyone a chance to participate and contribute to the entire office ecosystem. 

  3. Recognition + Appreciation: It’s crucial to regularly acknowledge and appreciate the hard work and dedication of your team members. Simple gestures like thank-you notes, verbal recognition, office lunches, or even small rewards can go a long way in boosting morale and motivation.

Boost your office manager's confidence and appreciation of you by actively participating in these aspects of running a dental practice. Doing so can help your office manager build all-star teams and foster a culture that attracts top talent, ultimately benefitting both the practice and its patients.

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Written by Amplify360

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