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Ask anyone what they love most about summer, and you’ll hear a litany of responses – how perfect the weather is for golfing, boating, barbecuing with friends, or enjoying the simple pleasures of relaxing outside. Things slow down it seems, but not for you because you realize slowing down will cut into your practice’s profits. And you can’t afford to miss a day with rising costs and insurance putting the squeeze on you.

Unless something changes with how you run your practice, you’ll have to say goodbye to what’s left of those carefree days of cruising the golf course…and you’ll want to dock that boat, because you won’t be sailing much the second half of summer.

A sizzling idea that can turn summer into your best months

Not long ago, Dr. Robert Pacer found himself lamenting lost summer months. He chained himself to his chair day after month after year after decade in hopes that he’d be living his best life after retirement. He’d miss his son’s baseball games time after time and other family gatherings. He was missing out. Big time. And the worst part? He knew it.

This is when he decided that sitting on the sidelines was for average dentists. Dr. Pacer had two goals in mind when he started implementing what we call the Pressure Principle

  1. His practice would grow
  2. He would work less

But how do you grow if you’re cutting back on work? By building a machine that does the heavy lifting for you. You’re a hard worker, and you’re not afraid to put in the hours to get the results. But life is about so much more than that. 

What Dr. Pacer realized, and what set him up to expand to a third location and forecast earnings of up to $6 million, is that he needed the help of others. Yes, he could still do dentistry, but he didn’t need to manage his entire team, run his business, make hires, and attract more patients. It’s too much for anyone. This is where Amplify360 is crucial to growing your business so you can focus on doing dentistry, but not at a killer pace. 

We dove into Dr. Pacer’s success and developed a blueprint that outlines his challenges, his goals, and what he did to take back his summers with his family. (More accurately, his life.) 

If you don’t want to miss out on another 18 holes or your son or daughter’s baseball or soccer game or recital, we encourage you to check out his story in The Three-Day Work Week. It’s time to take back your time and have the wealth to do so. Let us help you the way we helped Dr. Pacer.

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