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Your dental website bridges the gap between you and your patients. An effective dental website becomes a valuable resource for your patients and an important marketing tool for your practice. That’s why you need to ensure it has all the necessary elements to drive results. We’re sharing what you need to create a website that attracts patients, not turns them away.


1. Focus On What Makes Your Practice Unique

A patient has countless choices for their dental care. That’s why your dental website must include the reasons they should choose you. Your training and specialty experience should be highlighted in such a way that shows how it  benefits the patient. Be sure to mention other perks, such as advanced dental tech for easier visits, flexible appointment times, sedation options, specials they can take advantage of, or anything else that is a significant perk to visiting your practice. 

2. Talk About Your Dental Services

Showcasing your dental services is fundamental to educating your future patients. By providing comprehensive and easy-to-understand descriptions of treatments your practice has to offer, you help the patient understand why your practice is the one to treat their dental needs. 

3. Make Your Contact Information Easy to Find

Patients should be able to reach out to your dental practice without hassle. Clear and readily available contact information, including phone numbers, email addresses, a contact form, and your address, helps potential patients reach you quickly. This instant access to your practice is essential for general inquiries, appointment scheduling, and addressing emergencies.

4. Make Your Website User-Friendly 

Your website's navigation should be intuitive and easy to use. Organizing your content into logical pages, such as specific services, information about your team, and other helpful patient resource pages, ensures the menu structure is clear, making it simple for visitors to find necessary information. Plus, studies show over 50 percent of website traffic comes from mobile users, so you’ll want to be sure your site is mobile-friendly.

5. Share Patient Testimonials

Testimonials serve as proof of your practice's quality and effectiveness. When potential patients see others have had positive experiences with your services, it builds trust and credibility. People are more likely to trust the opinions of their peers over marketing messages, and by including the positive experiences of others, patients will be more inclined to book an appointment.

6. Include a Clear Call-to-Action

A well-placed call-to-action built into the site design and content directs visitors to the actions you want them to take. You want patients to schedule an appointment, whether it’s through an online form or making a call. Providing that clear pathway to making an appointment increases your website conversion rates and new patient inquiries. Ideally, you should integrate an online appointment booking system that will make it easy for someone to schedule a visit with your practice.

These are just a few must-have elements for an effective dental website. You want to focus on what will draw a patient in, ensure a user-friendly experience, and clarify why a patient should book an appointment with you. 

Knowing everything that’s required, however, can be overwhelming. That’s why we encourage you to schedule a complimentary discovery call. We’ll give you a free analysis of your practice performance, and what will bring you to the next level in profitability and success.  


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