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Amplify360 is your dental marketing performance partner. Combining the established marketing power of Dental Revolution and the practice growth strategies of SmartBox, we foster trusted relationships that drive remarkable results.

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Our personalized solutions are grounded in elevating your practice. So no matter how you define success, we’re behind you.


Increase the Quantity and
Quality of Patients

We offer not only innovative marketing ideas and techniques, but also leverage your data to create a custom marketing strategy. This competitive advantage allows you to attract and retain the high-value cases you want.


Support that Surrounds

With dedicated support and technology that easily integrates with your internal systems, we help you generate top-line revenue in a coordinated, scalable way while you focus on what you do best.


Amplify Your Practice

Ready. Set. Amplify. Whether you’d like to expand your practice, increase your profits, or just decrease your stress, our meaningful marketing offerings drive measurable results.
“One of the things that attracted me to Amplify360 is that you guys do offer everything, which is important.”

–Dr. Neal Patel, Columbus, Ohio

Proven Results


 44% of our Doctors Achieve 200% of Their New Patient Opportunities

We are committed to helping your dental practice grow and thrive. Our Success Academy dental team training reflects our dedication to providing total support for your success.


 52% Increase in Average Patient Value Over 2 Years

Our custom marketing strategies help you increase your quality and quantity of patients quickly and effortlessly.


$6.13B in New Patient Opportunity

We put metrics in place to quantify net profit and practice value over time. According to our analysis, our marketing efforts have generated billions in new patient opportunities.

How Amplify360
Works for You

“BY FAR the most ethical, straightforward, and cost-effective marketing firm I've ever worked with! RUN to get in line to work with this company!”
– April Ziegele
“These guys are awesome! I highly recommend that any dentist looking for sustainable, real growth give them a call.”
– Clay Hansen
“Talk about results. A 121% increase in the first 5 months. I’m now seeing at least two high-quality new patients every single day.”
– Paul Smith

About Amplify360

Amplify360 combines established marketing power with proven growth strategies to elevate client relationships and drive remarkable results. A performance partner with a complete suite of meaningful marketing solutions and total support, our expertise is always behind you, however you define ahead.

How Do You Define Success?

The Amplify360 approach revolves around listening to your goals so we can provide tailored solutions to elevate them. Take Dr. Ben Watson. For him, success meant reinventing his single location practice so he could grow collections—our customized marketing solution helped him go from $369,245 per month to $584,547 per month. Position yourself for profit and amplify your own outcomes by discovering the three-part strategy Dr. Watson used to drive his success.

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As your performance partners, we deliver a superior customer experience that drives accelerated outcomes. It starts with a complimentary Practice Growth Call, where we’ll work with you to create a growth plan that will amplify your profits by increasing the quantity and quality of your patients.

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